Oscillating saw Opinion

Love them!  Enough said!  I've got a Rockwell and am very happy with it.  It makes installing doors very easy.  I've installed a lot of pre-hung doors over the years.  A pre-hung door comes attached to the frame and has spacers for a perfect install.  An oak 6 panel door at Menards today is $106 and it is a cheap and easy way to make a significant upgrade to a house.  The problem I've had installing the pre-hung doors is that I used to cut the nails that are driven thru the frame, spacers and into the door to hold everything in place and then the door gets out of whack.   The door also is hard to handle as it is swinging open and shut and the door frame isn't attached to the rough opening yet so it is moving all over the place at the same time making it hard for someone installing a door by themselves.  The reason people cut the door lose from the frame before installing it is because it is hard to do after the door is installed.  HOWEVER, with the oscillating saw, the door can be installed without cutting it lose from the frame and shims and the saw's thin oscillating blade can slide between the door and frame and cut the fasteners after the door is installed.  The thin oscillating blade can get behind trim and cut nails and a hundred other places any other saw can't be used. 
I've always had trouble remembering which door is a left had door verses a right handed door until an old timer told be to stand in the doorway with the door open and  my butt against the hinge side.  If the door is on my left side, then it is a left handed door and if the door is on the right side, then it is a right handed door.

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