Wh t a wei d co ple of d ys

My first call came from a good tenant and he told me that he ran out of gas for the mower. (I probably should tell you that I supply mowers for some of my places. Not great mowers, just mowers). Then he said he mixed it 50% gas and 50% water just like I told him. Now the mower won't run. At this point, what does a person say. I never confront people when they aren't telling the truth. I said that he might be thinking of the previous mower where he had to mix the gas and oil, but it probably wasn't 1 to 1 ratio. I told him to dump out the bad gas containing water and use 100% gas and let me know how it works out. (I'm planning to go over to his place after work and dump the carburetor bowl and start the mower).

My second call came from someone using the Sprint relay service which I believe allows someone that is either hearing or speaking impaired to type their information to a Sprint person who then talks on the phone. My ad says to call after 5:00 PM so I don't answer the phone until after 5:00 so I can't be accused of operating my rental business while I'm at work. Consequently they had to leave a message which said it would be better to communicate with email. This would have been great if they would have given me an email address.

The last caller left me an 11 digit phone number to call back on.

Everything has been a little "off" lately.

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