Tools of the Trade Part One

As I headed off to work on a rental property today, it occurred to me that I wish I had a "do over" on a couple of tool purchases. I have a super powerful large shop vac that I love and I have a small 5 gallon shop vac that I don't love. I took the small one to the job site today because it is small. I should have bought a very good and powerful small shop vac. I made the same mistake with my air compressor. I bought a powerful pancake compressor. It works great with the only negatives being the weight and the bulk. I hate lugging it to the job site. When I bought it, I sold my little compressor that I used for pumping up tires to a friend. I learned later that he was using it to run air tools. He can't fire off a round of 20 framing nails in a few seconds, but he can run an air nailer with it by exercising just a little patience. Most rental property repairs need just a few nails now and then and the smaller compressor would be the best overall compressor for that task because it is light and easy to carry around.

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