Flooring materials

I haven't said much for awhile because it's been busy with folks moving out, cleaning, painting, mowing, showings and repairs. I'm too cheap to hire help. I really like the floating laminate floors that we have put in our properties because they lower the money spent on carpet cleaning and they are much more durable than carpet or vinyl. However, I wasn't careful to allow the extra space at the end of the boards so the floor could expand and now I'm having troubles with one floor buckling. I'm not sure if it is the heat or humidity or both. It happened when the renters left the AC off for a couple of weeks while they were gone. It also has been raining and it is in a basement on concrete. I'm thinking about using more tile floors especially when it it in a kitchen, bath or basement. I believe the cost is approximately the same, I can do them as fast and it is something I can do myself. I'm just not sure if tile looks right in all rooms. The wood laminate looks great in living rooms, bedrooms, baths and kitchens. Live and Learn.

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