Beware of buying properties from DIY sellers

Don't buy a property from a "DIY" (Do It Yourself) seller unless you can tell that they knew what they where doing. If it's obvious the owner was a "DYIer", then they probably weren't that good and you should stay away from the property unless it's so cheap it is still a good deal after fixing everything. I'm working on a basement bathroom with a spongy floor. Rather than cut the concrete and run the waste lines correctly, they ran the lines on the floor and built a false floor for the tub and toilet to sit on. They didn't even do that part right or use the correct materials. I believe the treehouse I built at age 12 would come closer to meeting building codes. Side note: A friend that was helping me build the treehouse fell and got his wind knocked out when hitting the ground. He was motioning and trying to get me to do artificial respiration. I told him he was going to die. He didn't.

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