Spring Mowing and 401K withdrawals

After putting Scott's Halts or other similar lawn pre-emergence on the grass, it is really important to mow once a week or slightly more often. I didn't get over to mow for a week and a few days and the grass was so tall it couldn't be mulched and had to be bagged. To make things worse, it was cold and raining which makes mowing and bagging very unpleasant. It also got dark before I finished mowing the last lawn. I was beginning to question my sanity. Also this week, one of the cheap mowers I left with the tenants broke down so I had to replace it with a spare. This week I'll try to fix it so I'll still have a spare. I know this is boring, but keep in mind the objective is to provide a realistic look into owning rental property. By the way, last week the DOW began over 11,000 and ended slightly above 10,000. Rental property values aren't that volatile and the rents still come in even if the property values go flat or drop off slightly. I would rather have paid off rental property than money in a 401K or IRA. At this time, I'm not willing to pay the income tax and 10% penalties to convert tax deferred money to usable money. I have cashed in 401K savings in the past and didn't mind because I saved/shielded 28% when I put the money in the 401K, and pulled some of it out when I was in the 15% tax bracket which when combined with a 10% penalty cost a total of 25% which is still less than the 28% I saved several years earlier when I put it in the 401K.

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