Yard Cleanup Time

Friday night after work, My wife and I picked up branches at the duplexes, mowed and put on pre-emergence. The tenants take care of the yards at the houses. We take care of the yards at the duplexes. I do this for several reasons with the first being that I'm too cheap to pay someone to mow. I like to mow. I think it is good to check on the properties. In the duplexes, one tenant seldom mows to the satisfaction of the other tenant. I leave an old mower at each property and a plastic gallon gas container. I lock them up with a chain and padlock and cover them with a tuppermaid tote. About once a week in the summer, I driver over after work and mow the duplexes. You're probably questioning my intelligence after I mentioned the pre-emergence. I'll argue that the yards look better and require less mowing if you use a pre-emergence. The reason is because later this summer when it gets hot and dry, the only things that will grow and require mowing are the crab grass and fox tail. A long time ago when I had my first lawn, I bought a drop spreader just like all first timer newbies do and I missed a few areas. It was extremely obvious where I missed because foxtail and crabgrass were thriving in those areas. Pre-emergence works! All experienced lawn jockeys use rotary spreaders. The only thing that would make me happier is if I could buy pre-emergence without fertilizer.

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