Smokers, Smoking, Smoked and Smoke

Sorry Smokers, but I don't allow smoking in my places. I didn't say I don't rent to smokers! I did say I don't allow smoking in my places. I understand the addiction to cigarettes is powerful. People will go outside for 5 minutes in 5 below zero weather with 20 below zero wind chill to smoke and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't go out in that same weather for 3 minutes to have sex. (Good thing my wife doesn't ready my posts because I'm pretty sure I'd get scolded for this one.) I'm not prejudice to cigarettes. I don't allow incense or cigars inside either. No offense meant, but I can tell if a smoker has been on an elevator before me because the smell lingers. If someone smokes in an apartment, it gets in the paint, the curtains, the carpet and you just can't get the smell out. Carpet cleaning costs over $100 dollars and painting costs in excess of $300. It is very expensive to repair the damage caused by smoking. Since I will rent to smokers if they smoke outside, the next issue is the cigarette butts. It seems okay to flick them into the yard. After several months of flicking, you can imagine the mess. It looks terrible. I've bought bowls from the salvation army and that works pretty well. Just recently, I've tried a new invention to contain the cigarette butts which is what you see in the picture. It costs about $3.00 for the 2" PVC pipe and two end caps for $1.30 each for a total cost of $5.60 for cigarette butt container. I'm guessing I'll need to dump it after a couple of months. I'll let you all know how it works out.

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