Selecting Good Tenants - Rule 2

The second characteristic to look for in a tenant is someone that will take care of the property. This means no damage or downtime during the lease period and after they move out. If the rental unit doesn't require painting, repairs, insect extermination and can be cleaned with normal processes it's not damage. Cluttered can be a good thing because clothes and newspapers all over the floor protect the carpet. Clutter is unacceptable after the tenant has given notice and is moving. It is very hard to lease a property if it is cluttered and dirty. I haven't done it yet, but I'm planning to put something in my lease about keeping the property clean for showings and if the dirty unit keeps prospective tenants from renting, it will be considered damages. Tenants that take care of your property is extremely important. What have you gained if they leased the property for one year, paid on time, but caused 2 months of vacancy and thousands of dollars in repairs just to get the property rented again. If a prior landlord tells you they wouldn't rent to the tenant again because of damages, then don't rent to them. Be cautious when talking with the current landlord because they might tell you how great the tenants are just so they can get rid of them.

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