Locks (The last chapter)

This is a very good keypad lock. The 7000 Series is made by Kaba Ilco Corp. It does not need batteries. It is easy to reset the combination. I've had this kind of lock on a couple of properties for around 10 years. They have never failed. The outside finish is just now beginning to look dull. I bought these locks from a local locksmith. There aren't numbers or letters on the buttons so I have to describe the combination as the top button, bottom button and so on or tell folks that the top button is number 1 and the bottom number is 5 followed by the combination. You may buy this lock for around $100. It only holds one code, but that hasn't been a problem for me since it is so easy to change the combination. I forgot the combination once and called the company who quickly helped reset the lock. This lock requires additional holes be drilled into the door and it requires attention to detail when ordering and installing.

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