Washers and Dryers

We put washers and dryers in our units. We do this for a couple of reasons. We rent to college kids and it makes our units more desirable and more affordable. Since our tenants pay for their own water it's up to them if they want their friends coming over to do laundry. Another reason we provide washers and dryers is because we don't want people moving them in and out because it tears up the door jams and marks up the walls. All our friends know we have rental property so we gets lots of free washers and dryers when they get new ones. Usually they will buy a pair when one breaks down so we will only get a washer or dryer, seldom both at the same time. I'm glad to be there for them. If I'm busy or tired when one fails, I have a very good appliance repair person named Todd that I call. He also also sells new and used appliances. This works out well because he either fixes mine, or delivers a new one and hauls off the old one. He schedules a time with the tenants and bills me so I never have to meet him or schedule time off from work for an appliance problem. Sears and BestBuy won't do that and I've never been able to get them to bring out a new appliance the same day I call nor have I been able to do everything over the phone! FYI, Sears is a good dryer because you can replace the heating element from the front on many of them. Regarding dryers, if it runs, but the exhaust is cold, then it is the heating element. If the drum doesn't turn, then it is the belt. I never fix the appliance myself in the tenant's apartment. If the weather is nice and I'm not busy, then I'll swap a working one for the broken one and fix it in my spare time at home. I do it because I get a kick out of fixing things and saving money and I have room to store a few spares. For most people, I would suggest finding a guy like Todd and not mess with appliances.

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