Time to Rest

I wish I could predict the stock market like I predicted getting the last rent check. This only makes sense if you read the previous post. I got it in the mail on Friday and put it in the bank today (Monday). Now that all the rents are in, it's time to rest until next month. It's not always this easy. I got a few calls this winter. One call was because a carbon monoxide detector detected a problem. I called the gas company who cleaned the furnace which fixed that problem. I got another call this winter because water was running all over the floor in a basement bathroom. That turned out to be the "Perfect Storm" of bathroom problems. The tenant plugged the toilet and the flapper didn't close so the toilet kept running over and soaked the carpet. I bought the tenants a toilet plunger and I replaced the flapper. I called a carpet cleaner to clean the carpet. That took about 2 hours after work and cost about $200.00 which was mostly for the carpet cleaner. I got another call this winter because a garage door opener wouldn't work which turned out to be because the safety beam got bumped and wasn't pointing at the receiver on the other side of the doorway. I realigned the beam and everything worked correctly. Some of my places have electronic locks, others have manual keypads and the rest have lock boxes containing keys. Because I can provide access to all my properties without being there, it saves me lots of trips and inconvenience. I also use the same vendors as much as possible. They trust me to pay and I trust them to do the work and treat my customers and property correctly. I've found that I can take care of my properties from anywhere as long as I have a cell phone, phone book and a charge card. I fixed the garage door opener and the toilet myself, but I could have hired a plumber for the toilet and a garage door company for the door so I really didn't need to be there for them. However, I probably saved $200.00 by fixing them myself.

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