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Today is Thursday 3/4 and the last rent check wasn't in the mail. It will probably be in the mail Friday 3/5 after I get home from work. This means that I can't deposit it until Monday 3/8. It probably won't be taken out of the tenant's account until Tuesday 3/9. It happens more with working tenants than college tenants so I believe it's intentional. It's not a big deal to me, but something I thought I would point out since I'm sharing experiences. However, if the check would bounce, it takes another 7 - 10 days before the bank sends the notice to me so you can see how a tenant can get behind in rent very quickly. Then they have to cover the bad check on the 20th, plus pay all the bounced check fees and come up with next months rent in approximately 10 days. This is how people get into trouble and end up at the pay advance places.

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