Lock Talk Part 2

I don't like to read and am always in a hurry. Assuming most folks are like me, I'll get to the point quickly. The Kwikset in the picture is better than the one mentioned a couple of posts back, however, it also uses the battery to move the deadbolt which I contend is a weakness and unnecessary battery drain. I like the Schlage because it requires no extra holes be drilled in the door and because the battery is used to lock and unlock the thumbturn which the tenant then must manually turn to move the deadbolt. The keypad lights up when touched and it holds 19 separate codes. The only unknown about the Schlage lock is how it will hold up over time. I'll let you know next year after it's been in rain, snow, 100+ degree heat and sub 0 freezing temperatures. Later this week I'll talk about one more keypad lock which is time tested and doesn't require any batteries.

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