Lock Talk (Least Favorite)

This is the beginning of several posts discussing key pad locks. I'm starting with my least favorite. Excluding the electronic keypads, Kwikset is my favorite manual lock. This is because the price is reasonable, they are the most forgiving locks I've ever dealt with and they make it easy to buy locks that are keyed the same. The package has a number on it that tells how it is keyed. If you want two locks keyed the same, just look for another package with the same number. The forgiveness means that they will fit even if the holes weren't drilled in the door with precision. I have purchased several of the locks that you see in the picture and I now have a box of parts. The first reason I don't like them is because I had to drill extra holes in the door. I'll include another post in the future telling how to patch extra holes in a door. The locks also have a ribbon cable that runs from the keypad through a hole in the door to the logic unit on the inside. I've experienced an extremely high failure rate on the cables. When it fails, the lock won't work and it needs to be fixed quickly. I couldn't find where the vendor's website allows online ordering of replacement parts. The places that sell the locks don't sell extra ribbon cables so I've had to buy another lock just for the ribbon cable. The lock also uses 4 AA batteries which are used to run a small motor that moves the deadbolt in and out. If the deadbolt doesn't move freely, the motor can't move the deadbolt without someone lifting on the door to release the pressure from the deadbolt. Having to move the deadbolt wears out batteries. There are better designed electronic locks on the market which I'll talk about in the next few posts. I always have a manual lock on the backdoor when one of these is on the front door because I don't trust them. This does reduce the time and cost when changing locks because only the back door lock needs replaced. This one can be reprogrammed in seconds. My tenants will give their girlfriends or boyfriends the code for the keypad, but not a back door key so it is very easy to change the lock when a relationship goes bad.

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