Change Locks? Yes / No / Maybe

ALWAYS CHANGE THE LOCKS!! No matter how well I like and trust the folks I rent to, I still change the locks when they move out. Imagine your tenants had items stolen or were physically hurt without any evidence of a break in. I have tenants that are very careless about locking their doors. Almost weekly there will be a news story about things being stolen from an unlocked house or car. Now imagine yourself in court being asked if you reused locks to save a few bucks. I can guarantee you will be reading about yourself in the daily newspaper. (minor digression) Imagining your actions being written about in the newspaper is a good guide for making decisions. Remember that newspapers love to make the landlord look evil. They always show the poor tenants living in filth and with roaches, but they never print the check-in sheet that shows the condition before the tenants moved in. I will admit a clean family could have roaches they aren't responsible for in a multi family building if the Dirty Williams are their neighbors. This is another reason I avoid multi-family buildings. (Major digression) You can tell if you're an honorary member of the Dirty Williams family if folks ask you to bring the pop, ketchup, mustard, paper plates or plastic utensils to a pot luck.


  1. As someone who will not likely enter the rental business anytime soon, I derived significant value from your insight on pot luck dinners.

  2. I'm here to help any way I can.