Appointment "No Shows"

No action with the rental property today so I'll share a tip that really helped me. People would make appointments and not show up! I live 40 minutes away from my units so it was aggravating when it happened. I've since implemented a policy where I ask them to call 45 minutes before their appointment. I tell them they don't need to call and cancel if they found another place or something comes up and they can't make the appointment. I make it very clear that I won't be there unless they call. I have made an exception to this if I've got several showings scheduled after work. I'll wait even if the last appointment didn't call and confirm. I almost never make an appointment to show a place the same day they call. One reason is because I need to give the current tenants 24 hours notice. Another reason is because I'm not a big fan of people that can't plan or people that believe the world revolves around them. I believe both personality characteristics would make for a very long and trying business relationship.

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