Why I'm blogging about Rental Property.

I'm blogging about what it is really like to own rental property to help people that are thinking about investing in rental property decide. I plan to give a day by day account. I didn't do anything today. I didn't get any phone calls, I didn't pay any bills. However yesterday, I drove to two duplexes to read the water meters. The city meters the water that goes into the building. I put a meter between the two sides of the duplex. If the city bills me for $60 dollars for a two month period and I know that 50% of the water went through my meter that sits between the two sides, I bill both sides of the duplex for $30.00. This probably sounds like a lot of hassle for very little money. I do it because people are careful with their own money. If I was paying for the water, they would never call me if the toilet was running. A running toilet can run up a $100 water bill in a month.

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