Water Bills arrived today

I received water bills for a couple of duplexes today. I paid them using online bill pay so that was quick and easy. I updated an excel spreadsheet where I keep track of how many units of water each side uses so I can send them a bill for their portion. The spreadsheet is set up to print the bills. I used MS word to print the addresses and return address on envelopes. I stuff the bills in the envelopes and stick on the stamps. I update Quicken showing that I paid the water company and use the "split" transaction feature to allocate the correct portion to each address. I scan the bills with Paperport and the shred the paper copy. This entire process takes about an hour and was for $178.00 this time. This might seem like a lot of hassle for $178.00 and people might ask why I don't add it to the rents and not mess with it. One reason is that people don't mind paying for services they use. People do compare prices (rent) when shopping for a place to live and this approach gives me an advantage over the people that add the water to their monthly rents because my prices looks cheaper. Lastly, people conserve water when they are paying for it consequently, they will call me if a faucet is dripping or a toilet is running on.

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