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Today I "thought" about printing off some Quicken reports to give to my accountant so he can prepare my taxes, but that is the extent of my rental activities today. Maybe tomorrow night. Many cities have a Housing Authority (HA) which will pay part of the rent for lower income people. This is a very good deal because the check comes on time every month. For example, of an $800 rent amount, the HA may pay $750 and the tenant will pay $50. It is determined by the tenants ability to pay. You're probably wondering why everyone isn't putting their properties in the program. One reason is many landlords believe they pay slightly less than market rents. Another reason some landlords don't participate is because the HA inspects the properties and require them to be in good shape. The HA has lots of rules. In my experience, the HA tenants were harder on my properties than normal. Nothing serious, just things like letting the kids write on the siding with colored chalk or letting the wind catch the storm door, or dumping the left over noodles off the front step rather than using the garbage totes. I found myself teaching them the same things I was teaching my son and they welcomed the fatherly advice about as much as he did. I had one family for 6 years.

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